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Saturn’s high quality asset base spans across North and Central Alberta through West Central Saskatchewan and down to Southeast Saskatchewan, and offers a vast inventory of over 950 booked horizontal development drilling locations.

North Alberta
Kaybob: Montney
Central Alberta
West Pembina / Lochend: Cardium
West Central Saskatchewan
Various Fields: Viking
Southeast Saskatchewan
Manor/Viewfield/Weir Hill: Bakken, Frobisher, Spearfish

We have a proven history of responsible operations and strategic asset development, focused on four diversified, light oil core operating areas:

Southeast Saskatchewan

Low decline light oil play with key infrastructure, featuring high rates of return

West Central Saskatchewan

Viking light oil resource play with high repeatability potential, steady production and significant cash flow generation

Central Alberta

Cardium light oil resource play with large prospect inventory and expansion area

North Alberta

Montney and Swan Hills light oil development

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Saturn’s Sustainability Commitment

Southeast Saskatchewan

Since establishing our initial footprint in 2021 within the prolific light oil area in Southeastern Saskatchewan, Saturn has continued to grow production, reserves and cash flow.

Our most recent acquisition of the Viewfield area of SE Saskatchewan in February 2023, increased production 70% in the area, and offers significant development opportunities including innovative new drilling techniques to expand the light oil Bakken fairway enhancing the area’s potential. Large oil in place reservoirs and over 20 years of booked drilling inventory supports long term production sustainability.



Booked Drilling Locations


Un-Booked Drilling Locations


Km of pipeline network

35 - 40

New wells expected in 2024


Wells drilled in 2023


Key facilities


Saturn’s newly acquired Viewfield asset is a strategic extension of the Saskatchewan core area.

The acquisition of Ridgeback Resources in early 2023 offers operational synergies and an integration to our field headquarters in Carlyle, SK which has been reducing operating costs per barrel. Production in SE Saskatchewan is weighted 96% to high margin oil and liquids. Our strategic gas processing facility further expands netbacks on natural gas production.  An exciting new drilling technique, Open Hole Multi-Leg (OHML) unstimulated horizontal development has expanded the light oil Bakken fairway and has the potential to significantly increase our development inventory. The 6 newest stimulated Bakken wells’ IP30 averaged approximately 113.8 bbls/d of light oil, approximately 13% above type curve expectations. Saturn expects Bakken development will be a key focus for the 2024 drilling program.


Stimulated Bakken wells drilled (2023)


OHML Bakken wells drilled (2023)


Net booked Stimulated Bakken locations


Potential OHML locations

Manor Spearfish

The Spearfish horizon at Manor was a focus of Saturn’s 2023 drilling program, where we are pursuing Multi-Zone Development with compelling performance above type curves. Multi-leg horizontal development has increased the economic return of this well-defined light oil resource. We brought six Spearfish wells on production during Q3 2023 with an average IP30 of approximately 89 bbls/d of light oil, 16% above type curve expectations.  Saturn expects to drill up to seven follow up locations for 2024


IP30 performance above type curve


New wells on production in Q3/23


Follow up locations targeted in 2024


Booked locations

West Central Saskatchewan

Viking Play

Saturn has been active in the Viking area since 2016 and has amassed more than 300 de-risked drilling locations, along with strategic facilities that offer blending upside, positioning Saturn as a leading developer in this light oil resource play.

In 2022 Saturn drilled 32 gross Viking wells with and average IP30 of approximately 93.7 bbls/d.  In 2023 Saturn drilled 12 gross Viking wells, with the first 8 wells having an average IP30 of approximately 103.2 bbls/d, 52% above type curve expectations.


Booked drilling locations


Un-booked locations


Derisked locations with blending facility upside


Years of drilling inventory

Central Alberta

West Pembina and Lochend Cardium

The Central Alberta Cardium play is a well-defined light oil fairway with enhanced economics from the innovation of Extended Reach Horizontal (ERH) Drilling.

This resource play features predictable reservoir characteristics, high initial deliverability and long-term stable production. New drilling techniques of ERH are allowing access to more reservoir with less surface footprint.  Saturn’s Lochend 100/12-02-026-03W5/00 well was the fourth longest Alberta Cardium well ever drilled out of a sample set of ~19,000 wells, with a Total Measured Depth of 6.8 kilometres.  The 3 gross (2.0 net) wells drilled in the Lochend area in 2023 had average IP30 of 279 boe/d (91% light oil and NGLs), approximately 7% above type curve expectations.

West Pembina



Booked drilling locations


Un-booked locations


Years of drilling inventory

up to 4

West Pembina wells planned in 2023

North Alberta

Kaybob Montney

Kaybob is a highly economic, de-risked light oil play with fast payback development drilling locations. In late 2023 Saturn drilled a 4 well pad targeting Montney light oil in the Kaybob area of North Alberta, with 100% working interest.


Booked drilling locations


Un-booked locations


Net acres, 100% WI


Wells per year maintains production