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Dedicated to full cycle sustainability and responsible operations.

ESG focus

Saturn aims to be a leader in the oil and gas industry in both operational excellence and environmental stewardship, while maintaining a commitment to full cycle sustainability that includes social and governance principles.

Saturn’s executive team and Board of Directors are committed to ensuring strong structures and processes are in place to manage company-wide ESG risks and opportunities. Key accountabilities include establishing and reviewing climate objectives and strategies, maintaining an ongoing risk analysis, monitoring performance, and providing strategic direction on key ESG matters.

ESTMA Reports

2023 Sustainability Report

In 2022, Saturn issued our inaugural sustainability report which exhibits our commitment to continuous improvement and upholding best practices across various environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

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A thoughtful approach to environmental responsibility

The company’s dedication to minimizing our impact on local lands and ecosystems extends well beyond regulatory compliance and is based in a commitment to upholding our reputation as a responsible and thoughtful entity. This dedication defines how we conduct day to day business.

Our Board member, Jim Payne has extensive experience leading organizations dedicated entirely to emissions reduction in energy production and Saturn seeks to continue harnessing this experience in our daily operations to promote positive climate change impacts.

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Being a good corporate citizen

Saturn strives to be a good corporate citizen, approaching all stakeholder relationships with integrity and respect and aiming to embody our core values in everything we do.

We strongly believe in partnering with the communities in which we operate and we contribute to several charitable organizations and community initiatives. We believe that our people drive our success. The company offers an inclusive work environment where we embrace a diversity of people and thinking, with a culture that supports personal and professional development.

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Governance is the foundation of value creation

As the core foundation of Saturn, our ethics and corporate governance practices are robust, as we aim to ensure the Company maintains high integrity, transparency and accountability.

Saturn takes pride in responsibly conducting its operations in Canada, where it is subject to some of the most rigorous ESG regulations globally.

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Corporate Governance

Contribute to Value Creation.

Saturn recognizes that sound corporate governance practices contribute to value creation by instilling and fostering shareholders’ confidence in the integrity of the organization. Effective governance practices are fundamental to the long-term success of the Company and Saturn is committed to maintaining high standards of governance.